Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2016 Monmouth Santa Fun Run

There were 500 participants, making it the biggest one ever!

£2,429 was raised for Class 9, Special Needs Unit at Overmonnow Primary School

A special well done to:

Sam Jones - 1st Male Santa and 1st runner home overall

Angela Jones - 1st Female Santa

Maddie Taylor - 1st Girl Santa

Dominic Davies - 1st Boy Santa

Family Christ-Nash - 1st Team of Santas

Katie Mapp - Best-Dressed Santa

The Santa Fun Run relies on lots of local support. Thank you to:

Haberdashers Monmouth School for Boys

Iain McDonald at the Monmouth School Sports Club

Mike Bennett at


The Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club

Monmouth County Council

Wye Media

All of the volunteers who gave up their time on the day to help the event run smoothly and safely

The 125 members of Monmouth Junior Rugby Club who took part

Photos and video kindly supplied for the Santa Fun Run by Mike Zolt of Physical Limits. Lots more local events covered and available at